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The research and medical communities have been unable to determine the cause of autism.  They have drawn the vague conclusion that it is the result of abnormalities in the brain's structure or function. No, that's the result, not the cause. Meanwhile, your family's health is at stake. Discover what you can do to get your loved ones off the Auction Block.

What's the autism connection?

As a diligent researcher, the author became intrigued by autism: so many manifestations, millions of children afflicted, and billions spent on research, yet not one viable theory as to its origin existed. He approached this mystery from a fresh perspective, focusing on what the infant and toddler’s brain is doing and why, also noting the brain’s evolving mission as it advances into childhood and beyond.

Once understood, the curtain was raised. Auction Block explains how our actions and reactions are profoundly influenced by both our ancient origins and contemporary surroundings. Whether you are interested in autism or improving your life, this book identifies tactics used to manipulate you for the benefit of others, and how their effects can be quite harmful.  

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DNA and other dead ends

It takes thousands of generations to evolve significantly. With the first case of autism occurring in 1943, escalating to 1 in 66 today, theories involving DNA are obviously flawed. The conclusions revealed in Auction Block make perfect sense, explain everything, and are simple to heed. Finally, with a viable theory as to the cause, treatment can be specifically targeted and consequently more effective.

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You're just a click away from helping to free your family from those who want to control, manipulate, and purchase your free will. Auction Block is now available on Amazon in both paperback and digital versions. Click below to see the press release or purchase this important work.

About the Author

James L. Buttino

Jim is a native of the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, now residing in Daytona Beach Florida. He is the owner of Systems East, Inc., the software company that owns and operates Xpress-pay, a professional online and mobile payment solution for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

As the owner of a technology firm, Jim is the engineer type, often compelled to understand how things work. It was this curiosity that drove him to delve into the total void in the medical community with respect to the cause of autism.

Jim’s perspective is very distant from that of doctors and researchers. His fresh approach, combined with substantial research, led him to the conclusion that autism is not an anomaly, but a predictable outcome. It's not a medical problem, but an engineered response to common influences revealed in this writing.

After years of research, contemplation, and effort, Jim’s sincere hope is that families and children benefit from this work. With a sound theory of the cause now in place, perhaps the foundation for a cure may also be near.

A Fresh Perspective

Traditional Research

Doctors and researchers have attempted to discover the cause of autism for decades, but their focus on the outcome totally obscured the origin. Consequently, their consistent failure was entirely predictable. Imagine typing "mt" on your computer when you meant to type "my". When "mt" appears on the monitor, is the monitor defective?  If you were a doctor, you'd tear it to pieces in search of the origin that will forever elude you, but an engineer would know exactly where to look.

Fruitless Efforts

The flawed approach by the medical community has veiled the cause of autism since its discovery. Billions have been spent on millions of children, yet affliction rates still rise. They've engaged in an endless and futile search for a link between autism and genetics, events and behaviors during pregnancy, medical problems, and a litany of other possible causes, but still no reliable pattern has emerged . . . because until now, all the wrong people were looking in all the wrong places. 

The Difference

Engineers look at black & white, on & off, yes & no. They know that if you flip the switch and the light doesn’t turn on, check the bulb first, the wiring, then the switch.

Engineers understand that outcomes have determinable origins and that's the approach you'll find in this book. You'll gain an entirely new perspective on this growing epidemic, and a thorough understanding of its origins, why it occurs, and how preventable it may actually be.

Chapter List

Many of the chapters in deal with common affronts on you and your family. It is the author’s intention to arm you with information so you can recognize them. Once you are aware of who, why, and their methods, you'll see the extent to which you have been manipulated for their benefit. Here's the chapter list outlining what you'll learn:


Chapter 1: It's About Time

Chapter 2: Watch This!

Chapter 3: The Blue Planet

Chapter 4: The Mysterious Brain

Chapter 5: The Magic Room

Chapter 6: Garbage in, Garbage out

Chapter 7: Connecting the Dots

Chapter 8: What Now?

Chapter 9: Healthcare & Medicine

Chapter 10: Government

Chapter 11: Environment vs. Energy

Chapter 12: Personal Responsibility

Chapter 13: Politics

Chapter 14: Social Engineering

Chapter 15: Family & Friends

Chapter 16: Look Ma, No Hands!


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Take Your Family Back

While the cause of autism can be stated in a few words, you must first learn what the brain of an infant or toddler is doing and why. Once this is understood, it becomes simple to understand how the development process becomes entirely corrupted. The conclusions in Auction Block are clear and virtually indisputable, plus you'll gain a better understanding of how your family's well-being depends on it - for life!